Our company is committed to provide our collaborators a framework which allow them to increase their experience and broaden their knowledge with the support of our management team. Trust and respect encourages responsibility and autonomy. Our people engage in high level projects to the benefit of themselves, our clients and the firm as a whole.

Boris latour


Boris is driven by implementing innovative ideas, solving strategic issues, and undertaking challenging projects. He does it with both passion and rationalization. He benefits from a strong expertise in entrepreneurship. Over the past 10 years, he has started, acquired, restructured, and developed several businesses, with a professional experience at a global level, both as an investor or member of the management team.



Dominique mangiatordi


Dominique is a serial entrepreneur with a 20-year expertise in digital marketing and software business. Previous to Belsim, he was CMO, Board Member or CEO in international groups in France, Belgium, Spain and USA (Proximus, Proximedia,, Habitissimo) or founder of innovative digital companies (Globule Bleu, Royal App Force, Peak me up, OPP Studio).

Dominique has been appointed CEO of BELSIM in 2020 with the ambition to settle the company as a clear leader in the field of DVR.






With his extensive experience in strategy consulting and business creation, Jean-François advises companies in the development, financing and implementation of their growth strategy.

He is also a director of several financial and commercial companies, and social profit organisations, human-related or environmental-related.

Frédéric Lecoq



Frédéric joined Belsim in 2006 after earning a master’s degree at HELMo Gramme College (Liège, Belgium). He worked as process engineer for 10 years during which he implemented several production accounting solutions and energy performance optimization solutions for refineries and nuclear plants, using Belsim DVR Software VALI. He was promoted to Head of Engineering in 2017. Frederic became Chief Operating Officer of Belsim Engineering in January 2019.

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Senior Engineer, Sales & Key Accounts


Ionel is a chemical engineer with over 15-year experience in various chemical sectors. He holds a master’s degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Poitiers (France) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Gent University (Belgium). After working for the Gent University and Cytec Industries Inc, Ionel joined Belsim in 2013. He has become a DVR expert and has taken the position of Sales and Marketing Manager early 2020.

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Benoît cenier

Head of Engineering & Quality Manager


Benoit joined Belsim in 2018 after a first experience in the filtration sector dedicated to refineries and petrochemical plants. Since, he has been involved in several projects in production accounting for refineries and was responsible for a R&D project about characterization of thermodynamic properties of crude fractions. These activities brought him a strong understanding and knowledge of DVR and thermodynamics used in VALI. In January 2020, Benoît took the position of Head of Engineering.

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Timothy Jadot

Head of Development & Product Owner


Joining Belsim in 2014, Timothy Jadot has been a main expert for Upstream projects in which DVR is applied for Virtual Flow Metering and Production Management. Additionally, he has been the Product Owner of ValiStudio since 2017 (see Scrum methodology), assuming the management of new developments of the software as well as receiving the client needs and feedbacks.

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North America COO


Amin joined Belsim Engineering in 2018 after 32 years with Schlumberger where he held operations and management positions in field operations, strategic marketing and R&D, and 6 Years with Letton Hall Group specializing in multiphase, wetgas, and VFM metering and production allocation systems. He worked in Europe (UK), Middle East (UAE, Yemen, Syria), Far East (Indonesia), and USA (Connecticut, Texas).

He is an active member of API Committee on Production Measurement and Allocation (CPMA), and member of SPE steering committee of Multiphase and Wetgas Metering Workshop.

Amin has a master’s degree from the Nice university (Electronic and Automatic), a master of Engineering from Supélec-Paris (Industrial Electronics) and a master of Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University-Edinburgh. He holds an Executive MBA from Sloan School of Management-MIT Boston.