Collaborations with academia


Our global network with universities, schools and research institutes is a key part of our know-how. We were born from the University of Liège, Belgium, and maintained a strong relationship. We also collaborate with academic research alliances or projects  to achieve our growth targets.


In our collaborations we offer scientists from universities and research institutes the opportunity to use our VALI software and expertise to develop data processing research and innovative projects. Therefore, we maintain close relations with many schools and universities around the world.

Collaboration can be about bringing the right people together to work on challenging and meaningful problems.


EPFL  • Switzerland

EPFL is one of the two Ecoles Polytechniques fédérales in Switzerland. Like its sister institution, ETHZ, it has three missions: education, research and technology transfer at the highest international level. EPFL is using Belsim’s software in their education and research.



Helmo-Gramme  • Belgium

Gramme is the technical department of the HELMo institute of higher education in Liege. HELMo-Gramme covers the main engineering fields such as construction, electronics, mechanics and industrial chemistry with an focus on applying knowledge in industry. HELMo-Gramme is using Belsim’s software in their education.



L.A.S.S.C.  • Belgium

L.A.S.S.C. is the Laboratory for Analysis and Synthesis of Chemical Systems at the University of Liège. Their main research focus is computer aided process engineering & development and rational use of energy and water. L.A.S.S.C. uses Belsim’s software in their eduction and research.