Belsim provides chemical and petrochemical industry with solutions for process performance monitoring and optimization, as well as with solutions for energy performance assessment and monitoring.
As main beneficiaries of these applications are hydrogen production plant/units, ammonia production plants, methanol synthesis units, urea production plants, etc. As many of the above units involve highly energy-intensive processes and transformations, the process performance and energy performance applications delivered by Belsim for these customers are usually hybrid solutions integrating these two requirements.
ValiPerformance is the preferred module licensed and utilized for the development of this type of applications. The associated models are developed based on a rigorous description of the physical and chemical phenomena taking place in such a plant, by capturing both, processing and utility, sides of the manufacturing process involved.
For such applications, Belsim develops reports with a drill down structure where user monitors high levels performance parameters with respect to a target or with respect to the best historical performance of the installation. Deviations and underperformance with respect to target are investigated by analyzing the trends of parameters that contribute to the calculation of these high-level performance parameters. By navigating from level to level, the underperformance root cause is determined and appropriated corrective measures are taken.
The use of reconciled data for monitoring and analysis of the performance parameters gives the user the advantage of having consistent sets of data to analyze, with clearer trends and straightforward parameter interdependence traceability. Correlations are easier to pinpoint with systems for which mass and energy balances are closed and performance parameters are no longer dependent on the calculation route, as opposed to contradictory values obtained when parameter is calculated with different, unreconciled measured values.
Example of high-level key performance indicators: kJ energy consumed per ton ammonia produced for an ammonia plant, steam to carbon ratio for a steam reformer unit, methanol yield for a methanol synthesis plant.
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