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Belsim partners with local companies all over the world in order to provide local support and implementations. In addition, Belsim collaborates with academic institutes for educational purposes. We provide students with VALI software in order to contribute to advance knowledge and technology. 

Switzerland, EPFL
Saudi Arabia, Naizak Global Engineering Systems
France, Proesis is a French company, located in Toulouse
Texas, True North Consulting

Business Partners

Academic Partners

business partners

Naizak  • Saudi Arabia

Naizak Global Engineering Systems is an engineering & IT conglomerate providing specialized services to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Electrical, Power and IT companies. Established in 1998 and has a wide coverage in the Middle East, Asia & Europe with help of its partner companies.

Proesis  • France

Proesis is a French company, located in Toulouse. It was founded in 2016 by Philippe Baudet and Fabrice Bonnet, both senior engineers and experts in the field of energy and industrial processes.

True North Consulting  • United States

True North Consulting is an Engineering Services company specializing in support for the electric power industry. Founded in 1999, True North has provided engineering-based consulting services and supporting software products to the US nuclear fleet, various Fossil/Combined Cycle and numerous international utilities.

academic partners

EPFL  • Switzerland

EPFL is one of the two Ecoles Polytechniques fédérales in Switzerland. Like its sister institution, ETHZ, it has three missions: education, research and technology transfer at the highest international level. EPFL is using Belsim's software in their education and research.

Helmo-Gramme  • Belgium

Gramme is the technical department of the HELMo institute of higher education in Liege. HELMo-Gramme covers the main engineering fields such as construction, electronics, mechanics and industrial chemistry with an focus on applying knowledge in industry. HELMo-Gramme is using Belsim's software in their education.

L.A.S.S.C.  • Belgium

L.A.S.S.C. is the Laboratory for Analysis and Synthesis of Chemical Systems at the University of Liège. Their main research focus is computer aided process engineering & development and rational use of energy and water. L.A.S.S.C. uses Belsim's software in their eduction and research.

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