Belsim's Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) software VALI is aimed to improve the quality and reliability of process data in order to empower the process engineers towards better and more cost-effective decision making.
energy performance
monitoring system (EPMS).
A Unique Solution for Energy Management in Process Industries.
Benefits & Applicability
  • Most probable value for all measurements, respecting mass and energy balances,
  • Soft Sensing and Virtual Metering,
  • Energy Production & Consumption Overviews,
  • Performance Indicators for Equipment,
  • Equipment, Unit & Plant Performance Monitoring,
  • Plant Emissions Monitoring,
  • KPI/EnPI Dashboarding,
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Rigorous Mass & Energy Modeling,
  • Performance Equations,
  • Identification of Instrument Errors,
  • Customized Equation Constraints,
  • Full Plant/Selective System Modeling Approach,
  • Automated Data Acquisition,
  • Advanced Data Filtering and Validation,
  • Reconciliation and KPIs Calculation,
  • Data Storage (Internal and External Databases),
  • Customized In-built and/or Excel Reports
  • Power Generation (Combined Cycle, Fossil, Nuclear),
  • Gas Processing,
  • Refining,
  • Fertilizers and Chemicals,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Misc. Plant Utility Side.
  • Saudi Aramco (KSA),
  • Eletronuclear (Brazil),
  • Hanwha Energy (Korea),
  • ENGIE Electrabel (Belgium),
  • TOTAL (France),
  • Petroineos (France),
  • SIR (Ivory Coast),
  • Exelon (USA),
  • ...
Model of a cogeneration unit (gas turbine with heat recovery steam generator).
process modeling.
  • Modeling based on elementary physico-chemical principles.
  • Use of proprietary built-in customizable thermodynamics package.
  • Compatibility with third-party packages for thermodynamics (CAPE-OPEN).
  • Flexibility to define User-defined models and equations.
  • Simultaneous consideration of all mass & energy balances & performance equations.
  • Modeling toolbox with all kind of process equipment (e.g. pump, reactor, etc.).
  • Equipment represented with easy recognizable industry-standard symbols.
  • Color coding for quality of measurements after reconciliation.
  • Instant access to complete property set of all streams and equipment.

Belsim Dashboards are a one-stop solution composed of tables and graphs. Created either in VALI or in MS Excel, they provide instant insight and highlight discrepancies at each tier organizational interest.

Dashboard for fuel gas, steam, and electricity in a gas plant.
Dashboard for steam and electricity in a gas plant.

The reports are linked to internal VALI databases and can be updated automatically or on demand providing high-level visibility of the operation of the plant and its status.

Systematic deviation between measured and reconciled tag values.

Belsim trending tool facilitates the exploitation of VALI results through VALI or MS Excel forms. Amongst many other benefits, the trends lead to proper evalutation of the reliability of instruments (i.e. check for discrepancy between measured and reconciled value) or equipment performance assessment, unit or plant level (i.e. for KPI/EnPI monitoring).

Trends can be generated from the model directly inside the software interface, offering a user-friendly tool for application management.

The user can navigate back and forth from the modeling part to the reporting part thanks to a complete integration between the different modules of the software.

third-party dcs graphics
  • VALI provides reconciled data that can be directly accessed from the Distributed Control System (DCS) of the plant.
  • DCS owner can create graphical displays that show raw versus reconciled data.
  • DCS graphs can be configured to display in (nearly-)real time all relevant plant operation parameters delivered by VALI as soft (virtual) sensors.
  • Soft sensors calculated by VALI range from heat duties on heat exchangers, to temperatures, pressures and flow rates on every point of the system, and to other custom calculated values (KPIs).
DCS graphics for a coal fired boiler in a power plant.
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