the new multifunctional
user interface
of VALI.
ValiStudio is the new multifunctional user interface of VALI. Used to connect to and interact with the application server, it allows to manage all the different parts of an application in one single interface.
process modeling &
The modeling capabilities of ValiStudio allow creation of all the different units and streams needed for an accurate representation of the process. These units can be grouped inseparate Process Flow Diagrams for a clear visualization of the process.
  • The modeling toolbox contains all the different kinds of process equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, etc.).
  • A thermodynamic library gives access to a list of chemical compounds with their respective thermodynamic parameters for accurate calculations. VALI is also compliant with CAPE-OPEN.
  • Process measurements are introduced through tags, with their respective uncertainties.
  • Additional equations can be implemented through an internal programming code called FLEX, allowing complex performance calculations.


Once the process is modeled, DVR calculations can be performed and results displayed inside the interface. Different calculation scenarios can be created and implemented based on user needs, with configurable parameters :

  • Available solvers : Soldog, SQP-IP and Filter-SQP, with or without Gross Error Detection and Elimination,
  • Flexible initialization for the calculations,
  • Online or offline process measurements coming from various historian systems,
  • Other Basic and Advanced options : generation of debug files, Sensitivity report, generation of specific result files.

Results of the calculation contain the measured and reconciled values of the tags with their penalty.

application & process

Workflows are configured to run the process model online with a configurable aggregation time going from 15 minutes to 1 day. The graphical representation of these workflows is a flow chart where each object represents one step of the workflow.

A workflow toolbox gives access to the different functionalities :

  • Data acquisition from different historian systems,
  • Manual data input interface,
  • Calculations,
  • Data storage to different types of database,
  • Email sending,
  • File management.

The workflow history gives the status of the executed runs with their penalty and quality indexes.


An integrated reporting tool has been developed to provide reporting features such as trends or tables. These reports are seamlessly integrated with the model, allowing a continuity between reporting and modeling inside the application.

  • The reporting toolbox allows configuration of there ports with trends, tables, conditional formatting, formulas, pie charts, etc.
  • A date navigation panel allows an easy selection of the desired period of time with a parametrable ablo report update frequency.
  • Multiple VALI databases can be used within the same report.
  • Results stored in the database can be accessed through other softwares such as Microsoft Excel.

All the reports configured inside the ValiStudio interface can be made accessible through any web browser thanks to a new web-reporting tool. All the application reports can be viewed in this web-reporting interface without a ValiStudio installation. As with ValiStudio, the user can navigate between the dates, consult the latest calculated data, or easily print reports.


A Last Run Analysis section allows analysis of different relevant information about the last run calculated inside the ValiStudio interface:

  • Suspected tags provide a list of measurements showing suspect behavior (data acquisition problems, filtered tags, flagged tags, etc.).
  • Messages give access to the different logs provided by the engine during the calculations (warnings, serious errors, fatal errors).
  • Sensitivity Analysis gives access to meaningful information about the run and the tags(gain distribution of the run, chi-square test, dependencies between the tags, Gaussian distribution of the tags, etc.).
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