An online implementation follows a well-established procedure, which ensures that the parties have the same view of the implementation process and that Belsim meets the specifications as defined in the project scope. The implementation has several milestones in order to verify planning and deliverables.
Typical milestones are :
> Kickoff meeting
> Preliminary Acceptance Test
> Factory/Functional Acceptance Test
> Site Acceptance Test
> Handover meeting

software maintenance
& upgrade.
Our development team constantly updates our software with the latest technologies and ensures the compatibility with our customer's industrial environment.
The software maintenance service includes the supply of software updates, functional upgrades and new releases.
A hot-line service is provided insuring a 100% available application.

This is a service that is aimed at maintaining a customer solution working optimally.
The scope of the application maintenance varies greatly and can include but is not limited to:
  • Exploitation of the results
  • Sensitivity analysis to identify what influences the value and precision of the KPIs
  • Find optimal operation conditions
  • Help with model convergence
  • Further tuning
  • Help making changes to the model

Belsim offers a large range of standard or customized trainings.
Covering the modelling of application, the reporting, the use of the results as process engineer or as manager and any other need of our customer, Belsim helps the users to get all the benefits out of the software.

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