Refining industry is one of the core businesses of Belsim. Belsim delivers several types of applications and services for the refining industry sector.
Belsim applications, built on the ValiProduction module of Belsim-owned Vali DVR software, are used for closing the overall refinery mass balance, delivering reconciled results for production accounting purposes, loss monitoring, inventory monitoring, production KPI monitoring, etc.
Energy performance management systems implemented in refinery, based on the ValiEnergy module of the Vali software, deliver a tool for monitoring the energy performance parameters and KPIs of boilers, furnaces, and cogeneration units, as well as of various types of equipment, such as compressors, turbines, pumps, heat exchangers etc. Fuel networks and steam/utility networks are described in detail. Discrepancies between quantity produced and process demand are highlighted, and losses are quantified. These systems are run automatically online, delivering reconciled values for KPIs and for instrument measurement values. Reconciled results are stored back into the original data historian system or other databases and can be visualized in customized automated or manual reports.
For investigating the impact of operating conditions on various process performance parameters, Belsim delivers offline detail unit models and related reports, based on ValiPerformance module of the Vali software, that can be run with automatic data collection or with manual or hybrid data inputs. For refineries, Belsim also proposes audit services for energy performance evaluations, hydrocarbon accounting, hydrocarbon loss management.
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