Belsim Engineering offers engineering and software solutions to a large and diversified range of industries, including but not limited to: Refining, Gas Processing, (Petro)Chemical, Upstream, Power Generation.
Belsim Engineering is the developer, owner, and licensor of the best-in-class Data Validation and Reconciliation software, Vali. With the technology included in its Vali software, Belsim Engineering is able to provide its customers with a relevant solution for their goals to continuously improve quality and reliability of their process data and to deliver cost savings and improved process control. With more than 150 installations worldwide, Vali software is recognized as the most complete and powerful Data Validation and Reconciliation tool on the market.
Belsim Engineering offers to industry a complete range of solutions based on data validation and reconciliation technology. Data reconciliation enables an unequivocal analysis of plant performance parameters and KPIs based on closed mass and energy balances and respect of physical and chemical constraints. The technology finds its application in downstream and upstream, petrochemicals, power generation, etc, for: energy performance monitoring and auditing, process performance monitoring and auditing, closing plant mass balance, production accounting, and hydrocarbon loss monitoring, well production back-allocation, instrument diagnosis, soft sensing, sensor calibration investigations, optimizations and what-if scenarios, etc. Belsim's solution covers the full process of data collection, treatment, and exploitation, from connectivity to servers, data acquisition, reconciliation, reconciled data storage, to email alerting, and reporting.
Belsim Engineering offers services for licensing of Data Validation and Reconciliation software, model development, engineering studies, energy optimization studies, energy performance audits, process performance audits, results exploitation and reports development, application implementation, and post-implementation support. With a dedicated and experienced team of project engineers and software developers, Belsim Engineering is the ideal partner for developing and implementing customizable industrial DVR applications.

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