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ValiStudio is the new multifunctional user interface of VALI. Used to connect to and interact with the application server, it allows to manage all the different parts of an application in one single interface.

delivering process intelligence
since 1986.
Don’t you need better data to support your production decisions ?
Good decisions can only be based on accurate data.
Today’s volatile and challenging business environment leaves no margin for error.
Production managers and business executives need timely, accurate and reliable process data, so they can maintain profitability, manage risks, and exploit opportunities.
BELSIM provides its customers with the solution to make it happen.

BELSIM's mission is to provide solutions to enhance the quality of production and process data. BELSIM thereby is a technology partner as well as a solution provider, and can accompany its customers from proof of concept, over full-scale project implementation, to ongoing support.

BELSIM helps its customers to improve process plant efficiency, reduce energy consumption, limit their environmental impact, and develop a better understanding of their process operations and performance. This translates into significant returns on investment, and payback periods in typically less than one year.

BELSIM is the worldwide leader in the field of Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR). VALI uses this technology and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to transform process data into consistent, accurate and reliable information. The kind of information needed to operate your processes profitably and reliability, detect problems in time, and eliminate inefficiencies.

VALI automatically computes key performance indicators with a high level of accuracy and reliability. Users can add their own constraints, rules and equations to the process model in a user-friendly way. When process parameters cannot be measured directly, VALI uses a soft sensing system to calculate their value. The same technique can be used to reduce the investment in expensive measurement equipment and their lifetime maintenance cost.

VALI installations include applications on continuous processes in a wide range of industry sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Power Generation & Utilities, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. More than 150 worldwide implementations with renowned companies such as TOTAL, SAUDI ARAMCO and AIR LIQUIDE, make VALI the most widely used, proven and successful tool in this market.

Every VALI installation is implemented under the guidance of BELSIM's team of experienced and certified project managers and process engineers, using the proven methodology it developed in cooperation with industrial and scientific partners.

A network of implementation partners - such as, NAIZAK and TRUE NORTH - allows BELSIM to provide local presence and support its customers throughout the world.

To ensure that the objectives of an installation continue to be met throughout its lifespan, BELSIM provides training, as well as application support and software maintenance.

Belsim VALI complies with the German VDI 2048 standard.
Belsim VALI has a thermodynamic socket compliant with CAPE_OPEN 2.0.
Belsim company complies with ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.
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